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Crude ideas are not the same thing as a “marketing failure”

In widely reported remarks broadcast December 1 on Meet the Press, Cardinal Timothy Dolan explained why the Catholic Church’s opposition to marriage equality has become marginalized this way: “Well, I think maybe we’ve been out-marketed, sometimes. We’ve been caricatured as … Continue reading

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“Ex-gay” therapy for penguins. Who knew?

This just gets weirder and weirder. An amusing little treat landed in my inbox yesterday, containing the answer to the question “where are the national anti-gay advocacy groups in the ‘Tango’ story?” It’s an alert from the James Dobson/Focus on … Continue reading

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Penguins and children

Potomac District School Board member John Stevens posted this last night: Put the Penguins Back Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the removal of a children’s book called And Tango Makes Three from the libraries of all … Continue reading

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First, they came for the penguins

Where’s Tango? asks Erica Garman on Living in LoCo. Answer: Behind the counter, being treated as if she’s a potential danger to children. Tango, if you have not been introduced, is a lovable little penguin chick who lends her name … Continue reading

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This is courage

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders abruptly changed his position on full marriage equality Wednesday, after receiving a resolution from the City Council that he had pledged on Tuesday to veto. The council had voted to join with several other cities … Continue reading

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The fact that we exist is “propaganda”

You really have to wonder about these people. Do they ever actually stop and think about what they say? This is from Family Research Council, which is in a snit over the film “That’s a Family!” being shown to exactly … Continue reading

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The facts of life

I see that high ranking officials of the Anti-gay Industry are “profoundly disappointed and upset” with the announcement of Mary Cheney’s pregnancy. That’s too bad. The Cheney family seems to be delighted, a discrepancy that ABC News describes as “the … Continue reading

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