You just can’t make this stuff up.

Today, a coalition from what can only be called the wacky wing of the anti-gay industry announced a new plan to have “concerned citizens” perform “audits” of our schools for signs of cooperation with our secret agenda (which I confess I still have not seen).

The warning signs they are instructed to be on the lookout for? “Political Science/ History/Civics classes on current issues,” “Programs on tolerance, diversity, ‘hate’ or ‘bias’,” “teacher/ staff training on ‘diversity,’ ‘tolerance,’ or ‘sensitivity’,” “Lessons on different types of families,” “anti-harassment, anti-bullying or ‘safe schools’ policies,” grants from the state Health Department, the U.S. Department of Justice (which supports something called “Civil Rights Action Teams”) or the National Institutes of Mental Health, and this (oh, the horror):

Certain schools have adopted what they call “safety” measures. Cardboard pink triangles or rainbows, both used as symbols of “gay rights,” are affixed to the office or classroom doors of some teachers or staff. The idea is that these are designated as “safe” areas for students to come if they want to privately ask questions about homosexual feelings, where they will receive sympathy and secret advice instead of warnings.

Ok, I admit that this is low hanging fruit. But, we should probably expect the usual suspects to again pose as “concerned citizens” and fail to identify who they work for, as they harass our education professionals. Perhaps they will receive instructions and assistance from Eugene Delgaudio and Steve Baldwin again.

Please bear in mind, too, that it does not matter that in some instances school districts are collaborating with homosexual activists because of state or local law.

That’s right, Sparky. Your single-minded obsession with making sure that a gay kid who needs support doesn’t have a single place or person to turn to means that you are above the law, and above human decency. You just keep thinking that.

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