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There’s a new blog in town

The collaborative blog Queer Patrick Henry College was launched earlier this month by several current and former Patrick Henry College students. They join a growing movement of LGBT students at Christian colleges who are unapologetically asserting their right to be … Continue reading

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What they really mean when they say they’re “not anti-gay”

The memorial service for the late Chuck Colson was held today. May God have mercy on his soul. Of those contending to replace him as the leading voice of “Christian” victimism, and as the architect of anti-gay propaganda at Prison … Continue reading

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You’re not alone, not even at Patrick Henry College

“You’re not alone, and there’s plenty of space in the church for you, should you choose to stay.” That’s the truth spoken by Point Loma Nazarene University graduate Todd Clayton to the many, many other LGBT students and alumni who … Continue reading

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Good and evil, PFM style

Here we go again, with the Chuck expressing shock, shock, that his “worldview” is perceived by the recipients of his tender loving counsel as hateful. How could anyone object to The Manhattan Declaration, he wonderingly asks, when it clearly includes … Continue reading

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Serving without honor

Speaking of christianists who feel themselves entitled to Super-Extra-Special Rights, here are the words (via Wayne Besen) of a soldier who was no doubt encouraged by the treasonous musings of our own Chuck Colson: Maxey went on to write that … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

Dont forget, tomorrow: Loudoun Out Loud kickoff, celebrating the new monthly Loudoun PFLAG support groups, Sunday January 23, 4-6 pm. The organizers want RSVPs; if you haven’t done so elsewhere, leave it in comments and I’ll forward it. I was … Continue reading

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On being fair and balanced

NOM’s Brian Brown is mad. Apple decided to remove an application described by Brown as an app that “would help Christians sign the Manhattan Declaration.” Censorship! Big Brother! OMG! What’s offensive is the action of Steve Jobs. Jobs allows applications … Continue reading

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