‘Out of Bounds’

February 16, 2005
By Stephen Rollins

“Offsides” was “out of bounds” in every way. Such a play had no place being produced and disseminated in a forum supported by taxpayer dollars.

If Miss Jess sought private funding for her production, that’s one thing, but that the Stone Bridge administration used my dollars instead in a completely unacceptable way.

I have every right to be offended, express my offense and call for reprimand.

Mr. (James) Person (the principal) was out of bounds. The play was not about the virtue of tolerance. It was about what “virtues” we are to tolerate.

Homosexuality is not virtuous. The Bible calls it an unnatural, degrading and indecent sexual act (read Romans 1:26-27).

No public high school play (one act or multiple, five minutes long or an hour) should approve, condone or promote it. Adultery is not worthy of tolerance. Drug abuse is not worthy of tolerance. Pedophilia is not worthy of tolerance. Rape is not worthy of tolerance.

There are plenty of vices unworthy of civic tolerance (which would include in public funded high Schools), and homosexuality is one of them.

Virginians are not in favor of laws validating homosexuality. This very week our legislature (and they should be applauded) passed the first law on the way to amending the state constitution to prohibit homosexual marriage.

Homosexuality runs against our good moral sensibilities.

“Offsides” is out of touch with Virginia law. Mr. Person should have been making sure his history department was teaching that rather than his “art” department producing this.

[Originally published in Loudoun Times-Mirror, February 16, 2005]

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