Mischaracterized Debate

By Paul Gozé, South Riding

March 11, 2005 — In relation to David Weintraub’s Feb. 26 op-ed, public policy addressing abnormal sexual behavior is indeed one of the most important questions facing Virginians. It will strengthen or destroy the foundation by which Virginians enjoy freedom and participation in healthy and safe communities.

He appealed to “events that occur with great regularity in nature” for support of homosexual behavior (the idea that homosexuality is normal because some animals are known to have sex with their own gender), but he then referred to “faith,” “God” and “morality” to posit arguments. The irony is that he appealed to one worldview that is inconsistent, and a different worldview that condemns the sexual behavior he promotes.

If natural law is the moral reference for how society should operate, why are murderers, rapists, child molesters and other criminals punished? Animals eat each other and have no sexual boundaries; many indiscriminately have sex with as many partners they can get their paws on. The reality is that natural law offers no consistent foundation for a healthy society.

Proper behavior is only reliably defined by the Judeo-Christian worldview. Even those who will not believe in God borrow from Christian intellectual capital every day. They will agree that stealing, lying, incest or other behaviors are wrong, and concepts like free elections, ownership of private property and equality are good, but natural law or evolution offers no foundation for these beliefs. It is only by appealing to the God of the Bible that we can make sense out of what behaviors are right or wrong, or which concepts are virtuous. This same moral reference, that gives us all conviction about how we should live, describes the behaviors that Weintraub promotes as “abominations.”

Weintraub also mischaracterizes the debate over abnormal sexual behavior in an attempt to neutralize opposition. Just as other perversions like pedophilia, homosexuality is only defined by unhealthy and abnormal sexual behavior. In addition it spreads AIDS and other diseases, emaciates the body, causes depression and a tragic early death for many. But those who promote homosexuality speak of it as if it were a minority group and use terms like “equal treatment,” “rights,” or “tolerance.” This is deliberate, they understand that race is a morally neutral characteristic and criticizing someone for the color of their skin is unfounded. For example, what if pedophiles were portrayed as a minority of “intergenerational lovers” who claimed the disapproval they experienced was actually discrimination, and demanded that their “lifestyle” be acknowledge by all as normal and positively portrayed throughout society? This propaganda would obscure the reality of child molestation and cause some to think of it as being innocuous, thereby normalizing it, encouraging others to participate in it and minimizing the shame these sexual miscreants live with. This is what homosexual activists are up to.

Weintraub’s final appeal reveals that his understanding of our democracy is inaccurate. It was not designed for those who do not respect morality, it was established with an understanding that there is an authority that is greater than the democracy itself which even kings are subject to (this is how we convicted Nazis after WWII, they claimed they were only following orders, but we declared that the God-given moral authority that all nations are subject to condemns murder). The behaviors that Weintraub promotes will fare much better where there is no law, or where morality is only defined by those in power, as in an anarchy or tyranny.

[Originally published in Leesburg Today, March 11, 2005]

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