Email to Equality Loudoun from Steve Baldwin

This rather anxious email was sent to by CNP director Steve Baldwin on January 10, 2005, after we posted his press release and documented information about his anti-gay activities:

What you have said about me on your website is not accurate. It sounds like you are trying to make it look like I said something that I never said. I never said my piece was submitted to the Stanford Law Review; the writer of the WorldNet Daily misunderstood me but he did, to his credit, correct the story. I did tell the reporter that the entire collection of articles it was a special edition of the Regent Law Review was submitted, accepted, and then rejected by the Stanford Law & Policy Review. But that was before my article was added to the collection. Again, the reporter misunderstood what had occurred.

Nonetheless, the essence of the story is true. The Stanford Law & Policy Review did reject an entire collection of articles that were in opposition to the homosexual agenda for reasons that I had stated: It was not politically correct. I will not present all the evidence to support that here but it is overwhelming. If you were to contact the Regent Law Review folks involved in that special edition, they will show you correspondence between them and the Stanford Law & Policy Review that clearly shows that they had reversed themselves on publishing these articles.

My piece was added after the other articles were rejected by the Sanford Law and Policy Review and then Regent Law Review put it all together in a special edition. If the Stanford people tell you anything different, they are not being truthful.

But the bigger point is why hasn’t anyone been able to refute the essence of my piece; nearly all my sources are from the homosexual community. Instead, you focused on one misunderstanding by one reporter which has nothing to do with the accuracy of my article.

Steve Baldwin

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