Can’t defend homosexuality

February 16, 2005
By Paul Gozé

As a member of the so-called “thought Police,” I would like to address the following violations of reason made by those who argued for the promotion of homosexuality to students at the Loudoun County School Board meeting last week.

“Homosexuality is like a conventional minority. You don’t have to participate in sexual behavior to be a homosexual.” That is like saying, “I’m a smoker, but I never smoke.” The reality is that only abnormal sexual behavior defines homosexuality. Not race, color, religious belief, etc. Someone who does not participate in the abnormal behavior is simply not a homosexual.

“Homosexuality is not against the law.” Murdering a baby while it is in its mother’s womb is not considered by many to be against the law either, but that does not mean that abortion is not a crime. The truth is that there is an objective reference for moral absolutes that we are all familiar with (that is why we feel uncomfortable when we lie, steal, etc.). The same moral authority that causes us to wince at the thought of a baby being dismembered in its mother’s womb is the same authority that declares homosexuality to be a crime.

“There is a clear distinction between homosexuality and bestiality or pedophilia.” What objective moral reference can one appeal to in order to make that claim. Laws of nature or evolution? If so, we would then have to accommodate eating one another, or the absence of all sexual morays just like the animals. The same moral authority that condemns behaviors like pedophilia also condemns all other abnormal sexual behaviors including homosexuality.

“We can’t pretend that homosexuality does not exist.” Neither can we pretend that pedophilia, incest or child abuse do not exist, but that does not mean we should promote them.

Ironically, even those who promulgate sexual perversion sense that there is something inappropriate about it. A girl actually kissed a boy during the play, but when a boy kissed another boy, that had to be simulated. If homosexuality is normal, why the simulation and why the thorough emphasis on how there was no actual kiss?

[Originally published in Loudoun Times-Mirror, February 16, 2005]

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