Behavior not normal

February 16, 2005
By Stephen M. Price

I want to thank Del. Richard Black for standing for moral decency by objecting to the production of “Postcards From Paradise,” something Stone Bridge High School’s administration failed to do.

Those of us who have voiced our objections to the vignettes have predictably been subjected to the unusual ad hominem attacks by Loudoun’s liberal society. Accusations of intolerance and homophobia are the favored retort of liberal organizations such as Equality Loudoun and in doing so reveal their own self-refuting hypocrisy.

What is homophobia anyway? I’m not afraid of those who participate in a dangerous, unhealthy behavior. Actually, I feel sorry for them. I’m not intolerant either. In fact, to tolerate something presupposes disagreement, which is exactly what I’m doing now.

The crux of this issue is not necessarily whether homosexuality is something that is genetic (there is no proof of this) or whether homosexuality is logical (it’s not). The issue is whether our taxpayer-supported schools should be involved in promoting ideology (directly or indirectly) that is anti- ethical to the common good of the student policy.

Audrey Jess, the playwright of the vignette “Offsides,” claims, “I have no secret agenda, and I’m not promoting any sexual lifestyle,” but the content of the production suggests otherwise when the main character states, “You can’t tell me that there isn’t a little bit of me in every one of you.” No agenda? Give me a break!

I have two children who attend Loudoun County schools, and all I ask is that they receive the academic training that my tax dollars are paying for. What my tax dollars shouldn’t go toward is a school system that indoctrinates my children with the false notion that homosexual behavior (that’s what we’re taking about here – a behavior) is healthy and normal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

[Originally published in Loudoun Times-Mirror, February 16, 2005]

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