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No medal for you, pal

Meh. I’m going to have to give this performance a low score. Described to me as “classic Gozé,” it’s essentially the same program he performed four (okay, five) years ago; for crying out loud, at least come up with a … Continue reading

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On learning new things

This is what we have learned about the Sterling Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio: Not only is he the kind of person who would refer to other human beings as “it”; he is also 1) a liar; 2) the most pitiable sort … Continue reading

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Group decries supervisor’s comments

By Crystal Owens Loudoun Times-Mirror WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13 2010 Advocacy group Equality Loudoun this week denounced Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s reaction to the addition of an equal opportunity amendment to the county’s policy handbook, extending employment rights to gay, lesbian and … Continue reading

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Sterling, this is your Supervisor

Having heard that Eugene Delgaudio has toned it way down on the dais now that he is the standard bearer for the GOP on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, we were excited/entertained/relieved to come across yet another alleged fundraising … Continue reading

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The sun is rising, and I see the future

Awesome video smackdown to the ludicrous NOM below. (Come on, pretend you’re “a California doctor” and say it with me: “a storm is gathering…the clouds are dark, and the winds are strong…and I am AFRAID..” You know you want to.) … Continue reading

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Bad Heterosexual

Breaking news: not all heterosexuals are good people, and the small number of gays and lesbians who pretend to be heterosexual aren’t necessarily good people, either. Pretending not to be gay or lesbian does not make you a good person. … Continue reading

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Pants on Fire

As discussed below, the LDS Church has objected in the strongest terms to the charge that they intended to invalidate any existing marriages or otherwise harm GLBT people, and has continued to demand that someone “apologize” for the ad that … Continue reading

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