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Unfit for office, unfit for endorsement

I could never, had I been asked to imagine the most ridiculous and easily verifiable lie that Eugene Delgaudio might invent, have imagined something as ridiculous and easily verifiable as this: When contacted by the Loudoun Times-Mirror for comment about … Continue reading

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Hate gets me attention; what’s the problem?

Crossposted at Loudoun Progress The Loudoun Times-Mirror this week published a very peculiar interview with Eugene Delgaudio. The first thing that jumps out at you is the incompetence. There is video, from which the reporters (the task required two of … Continue reading

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“Kudos, Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio”

Indeed, why can’t the other anti-gay, anti-trans public officials on the rampage just say what they mean? For those who missed it the first time, here’s the full news clip used by the Daily Show. Understandably, folks are disgusted and … Continue reading

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Calling “it” what it is

Another reason to be glad that there is once again an alternative news source in Western Loudoun. Welcome back, Blue Ridge Leader. What did he say? Sounds like members of the County Board- and others in our community- have taken … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving

Hat tip…oh, you know who you are. Read complete coverage of Eugene’s latest Big Adventure here.

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“An apology is in order.”

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Leniency has been granted to Delgaudio in the past for what has been described loosely as “clownish” behavior. We often hear, “Oh, that’s just Eugene.” Not by us. Not this time. It’s time to say, “Enough.” We cringe … Continue reading

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Loudoun Independent gets it

A beautifully written, concise, on-point editorial: A Waste of 20 Minutes? Let’s pretend that you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend. You meet them, you like them and you begin dating—maybe you even move in together. Later on, you’re fired … Continue reading

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