“An apology is in order.”

Loudoun Times-Mirror:

Leniency has been granted to Delgaudio in the past for what has been described loosely as “clownish” behavior. We often hear, “Oh, that’s just Eugene.”

Not by us. Not this time. It’s time to say, “Enough.” We cringe in embarrassment for the image of Loudoun in 2010 that this projects to the outside world.

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2 Responses to “An apology is in order.”

  1. Henry Hale says:

    My comments to the H.E. Butts letter on Loudoun Times’ Letters to the Editor:

    There was nothing controversial about extending equal rights to all of our Loudoun citizens by the BOS. What Butts’ outdated and arcane statements show is a throwback to 18th or very early 19th century thinking that a progressive and wealthy county, like Loudoun, is moving far beyond.

    The quoting of scripture that has been manipulated by humans for hundred, even thousands, of years has no basis in this argument and has been nearly shown to be as foolish as those who said that the world was flat, prior to Columbus sailing to the Western Hemisphere. This is the type of thinking that still allows the likes of Eugene Delgaudio the license to say the most unintelligent statements a supposedly intelligent man can make and not be immediately repudiated by the entire county.

    Thanks to the Loudoun Times-Mirror for showing its readership, and by extension, the world that the citizens of Loudoun County do not adhere to such arcane and archaic viewpoints, and that we need to rid ourselves of this type of thinking and person. What does it mean to not discriminate against someone is a danger to society? Does it mean that discriminating, in the 21st century helps foster a fair and productive society? I think not. Anyone who feels that this endangers our society needs to search in their hearts and rethink those Christian values they are spouting off, because if you think you’re getting favor from God, you have another thought coming. At that final day, you’re going to be very surprised where your eternal place of residence is going to be.

    Thaddeus Henry Hale, Jr.

  2. Donna Conner says:

    Good for the Loudoun Times Mirror! I have had it with Eugene Delgaudio. I’ve tried to be tolerant and now it’s time to get this man off of the Board of Supervisors. He doesn’t represent anyone but himself and his dark agenda. I am not LGBT but he has crossed the line too many times now to ignore it. Who are the people in Sterling who are voting for this man? Shame on them! We are all paying taxes. He hates everybody – gay,transgender, immigrants, everybody who isn’t just like him! He needs to crawl in a hole for a month and then go get a JOB! Help us!!!

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