Calling “it” what it is

Another reason to be glad that there is once again an alternative news source in Western Loudoun. Welcome back, Blue Ridge Leader.

What did he say?

Sounds like members of the County Board- and others in our community- have taken umbrage at one Supervisor’s comments during the recent work on the nondiscrimination policy regarding sexual orientation. Sterling representative Eugene Delgaudio riled up his colleagues- and other folks as well- especially when he sent out an email on the issue- choosing to use the word ‘it’ to denote a person who wears clothing usually worn by one of the opposite sex.

He read from a prepared statement at this past week’s meeting- ostensible as an apology; some would say he’s still on the offensive.

Multiple County Board Members chastised Delgaudio from the dais on this subject; not sure what effect it’ll have.

But the reference by an elected leader to one of his potential constituents as ‘it’ does have some disturbing connotations.

Didn’t some nut with a mustache over in Germany- several decades ago- start considering human some beings as less deserving to live than others- and start a whole wave of violence that took the rest of the world to put a stop to?

Now, I’m not making a literal comparison, but hatred is hatred, and an attack is an attack.

And Allies are still Allies, God bless us

God Bless you, Tim Jon.

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