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Pat Nolan’s anti-gay disdain

Pat Nolan, Vice President of Loudoun-based Prison Fellowship Ministries explains why he opposes a prison LGBT liaison. Here is the news brief reported by the web site Crosswalk, emphasis mine. Government Launches Prison LGBT Affirmative Action Plan The Department of Justice … Continue reading

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Faith in Public Life – LCRC style

The Loudoun County Republican Committee has invited Bishop Harry Jackson of D.C. anti-marriage fame to speak at their “Ronald Reagan Lecture Series”. Here are the details of the event. The Role of Faith in Public Life “If we ever forget … Continue reading

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Taxpayer funded politicking

On December 23, 2009, Chuck Colson obliged Senator Jeff Sessions and gave the keynote speech at the “12:23 Men of Mobile Bay Christmas Gathering.” His topic was the Manhattan Declaration. Two thousand representatives of 30 religious groups applauded Colson as … Continue reading

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Taxpayer funded bibliolotry

It would be an understatement to say the scriptural literacy bar at Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) is set below sea level, and that’s before the sea level rise that Chuck Colson denies. PFM’s premier science writer PhD physicist and “Centurion”, … Continue reading

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Frank Wolf’s discriminatory religious conviction

Last week, I called Congressman Frank Wolf’s office and spoke to his aide Andrew. I asked Congressman Wolf to support H.R. 3017, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 (ENDA). I told Andrew that I didn’t expect Congressman Wolf to support … Continue reading

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Go tell it to the chickens

Update Jennifer Morse emailed me and corrected some of the information in this post. We’ve been having a conversation over her TownHall challenge (more on that later). Here is an excerpt from her email, dated July 2, 2008 6:44 PM. … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fool Mother Nature – So Why Even Try?

Finally, the anti-gay industry admits that we are family – not scare quotes “family” – real family. Here is a quote from a recent Chuck Colson commentary on assisted reproduction. The biggest irony of all, of course, is that a … Continue reading

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