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Religious freedom is for everybody

A funny thing happened when those who find marriage equality so upsetting started loudly complaining about alleged violations of their religious freedom: People whose religious freedom actually is being violated stepped forward. As reported last month, the first ever Witness … Continue reading

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What a surprise, religious liberty is alive and well

Have you all noticed that there is very little complaining on the anti-gay fringe about the ongoing avalanche of changes to public policy in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA? The Department of Defense now extends full … Continue reading

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The rest of the story

As the dishonest campaign to defeat the Matthew Shepard Act continues to roll along, we have an update. One of the tried and true hysteria-generators in this campaign is the citation (with lots of exclamation marks!!!) of various cases in … Continue reading

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What to do with bullies

Today at 6:30 pm, Kenton Ngo and Johnny Camacho will host a podcast with Kansas freakshow Shirley Phelps-Roper (yep, Westboro Baptist “Church,” God Hates America, the embarrassing step-children that even the hardcore Anti-Gay Industry holds at arm’s length). The call-in … Continue reading

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What were they thinking?

This letter is in response to a full page advertisement that has appeared in some Loudoun newspapers, including the Leesburg Today, Ashburn Today, and Loudoun Easterner. As one reader commented, “When I first saw this ad, I thought it had … Continue reading

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Gone too far?

Update: A comment that was posted here pseudonymously accused candidate for Loudoun County Sheriff Greg Ahlemann (Pastor Jay Ahlemann’s son) of being anti-gay and racist, and of having a tattoo that he won’t show to anyone. He asked us to … Continue reading

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Speaking of speech

In the hate crimes bill comments, Jack has posted a link to a Townhall page about a freedom of speech case, Good News Employee Association vs. Hicks. This appears to be an unlawful suppression of unpopular speech. As I said … Continue reading

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