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This week in anti-gay temper tantrums

First up: Oral arguments in Bostic v. Schaefer before the Fourth District Court of Appeals are scheduled for May 13. The court will be hearing the appeal of Judge Arenda Wright Allen’s ruling that struck down Virginia’s anti-marriage Marshall-Newman amendment. … Continue reading

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The intellectual dishonesty behind the Elane Photography case

After reading the New Mexico Supreme Court opinion in Elane Photography v. Willock, I’m now convinced that Vanessa Willock and Misti Collinsworth were prescient about the right wing strategy of redefining religious liberty, and absolutely correct to file their discrimination … Continue reading

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A note of appreciation

Just wanted to express a quick word of congratulations to all the folks who sat for an hour or more yesterday with their cars idling so they could buy a chicken sandwich. I understand that that anti-gay chicken restaurant – … Continue reading

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Vivianne: Sadly, no

Vivianne Rutkowski’s last comment, in a long and entertaining series she probably shouldn’t have made if she ever wants to work in Real Estate again, in response to an inquiry about finding someone a house in a community with specific … Continue reading

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Anti-gay, anti-trans Realtor terminated from Keller Williams

Update: Here is a link to Ms. Rutkowski’s original post, as it appeared on January 25 shortly before she deleted it. I flagged the edits she made to her first comment. Last week I accidentally discovered a blog post – … Continue reading

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Prejudice is not a Realtor(tm) value

Can you imagine if a Loudoun Realtor were to argue that they were helping home buyers make an “informed decision” regarding their home purchase by mouthing derogatory slurs about African-Americans and Jews, and complaining that the local government has required … Continue reading

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On being fair and balanced

NOM’s Brian Brown is mad. Apple decided to remove an application described by Brown as an app that “would help Christians sign the Manhattan Declaration.” Censorship! Big Brother! OMG! What’s offensive is the action of Steve Jobs. Jobs allows applications … Continue reading

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