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It’s the perfect time for that home improvement project you’ve been putting off

The “American Family Association” occasionally provides us with the names of businesses we should patronize because of their inclusive employment policies or other contributions to the cause of equality and a better world. Today’s winner is The Home Depot. Among … Continue reading

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Eat more soup

Yes, friends and neighbors, the increasingly wacky “American Family Association” has done it again. This time, they are discombobulated by the fact that Campbell’s Soup ran an ad in the Advocate that includes a family headed by two women. See … Continue reading

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First they came for McDonalds, then they came for Pepsico…another AFA boycott

I sure hope that William A and his parents don’t like Pepsi products, because the openly anti-capitalist American “Family” Association is staging another boycott. I received their boycott kit in the mail today, which included: A cover letter, a “Boycott … Continue reading

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And if this doesn’t work we’re gonna break your knees…

Moral bankruptcy of nearly comic proportions. The Sacramento Bee reports: Leaders of the campaign to outlaw same-sex marriage in California made an offer to businesses that have given money to the state’s largest gay-rights group: Give us money or we’ll … Continue reading

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Virginia is for denial

When you’re in the mood for some bizarre anti-gay behavior to marvel at, the Virginia fringe never disappoints. According to AJ Kiefer, advertising director for the Minneapolis/St.Paul magazine The Rake, the Bill Bolling campaign cancelled its order of a guide … Continue reading

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When you care enough to send the very best

Sometimes these things practically write themselves. Here’s an idea: We can all send Hallmark thank-you cards to McDonald’s. Most states don’t recognize gay marriage — but now Hallmark does. The nation’s largest greeting card company is rolling out same-sex wedding … Continue reading

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I’m lovin’ it

McDonald’s does it again, sputters the action alert headline from the American Family Association’s Don Wildmon. What is it this time, you ask? Well, apparently McDonald’s sponsored and purchased a half-page ad in the program for a 2007 Summit on … Continue reading

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