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The Bobby Marshall temper tantrum continues..

Oh boy. Wanna-be attorney* Bob Marshall is now doubling down and lecturing the governor in an email. Of course the Attention Seeking One had to release his personal email publicly in order to avoid the dreadful fate of being ignored: … Continue reading

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Purcellville Gazette, June 8 I wish to thank columnist John Flannery (June 1) for calling attention to the recent mischief of two embarrassing Loudoun County public officials. Mr. Delgaudio is dismissible on the grounds that he even regards himself as … Continue reading

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Little Bobby Marshall’s temper tantrum

My initial reaction to hearing about Bob Marshall’s highly unusual actions to cause the rejection of Tracy Thorne-Begland’s nomination to the General District Court was “petulant temper tantrum.” The latest admission from Marshall shows just how accurate that first impression … Continue reading

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What they really mean when they say they’re “not anti-gay”

The memorial service for the late Chuck Colson was held today. May God have mercy on his soul. Of those contending to replace him as the leading voice of “Christian” victimism, and as the architect of anti-gay propaganda at Prison … Continue reading

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Virginia Republicans didn’t get the memo

Updated below the fold with some bleating by Bob Marshall to the media. See the post below this one. Did they read the memo? Did they understand it? No. Virginia Republicans just rejected the election of Tracy Thorne-Begland to the … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

After the 2003 Goodridge ruling in Massachusetts, certain self-designated “conservatives” had a brilliant political idea: Why not leverage the ignorance and fear of a populace not very well acquainted with the reality of LGBT people to win elections? We’ll scare … Continue reading

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Bob Marshall chooses personal prejudice over children. Is anyone surprised?

It’s not enough for Bob Marshall that same sex couples have to move outside the state temporarily in order for both to be adoptive parents – in Virginia, second parent adoption or adoption by unmarried couples is illegal, so we … Continue reading

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