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The Bobby Marshall temper tantrum continues..

Oh boy. Wanna-be attorney* Bob Marshall is now doubling down and lecturing the governor in an email. Of course the Attention Seeking One had to release his personal email publicly in order to avoid the dreadful fate of being ignored: … Continue reading

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Serving without honor

Speaking of christianists who feel themselves entitled to Super-Extra-Special Rights, here are the words (via Wayne Besen) of a soldier who was no doubt encouraged by the treasonous musings of our own Chuck Colson: Maxey went on to write that … Continue reading

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Bob Marshall embarrasses himself again

This morning’s Virginia Politics blog brings us tidings of great desperation. In the wake of the historic vote to repeal DADT, Delegate Bob “Virginia’s Chief Homophobe” Marshall claims to be drafting a bill for the 2011 session that would establish … Continue reading

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An “alternative” US military?

Who knew? The following headline arrived this morning, in the customary breathless manner of the Family Research Council/Focus on the Family/CitizenLink syndicate: Dueling Reports Released on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’; New CitizenLink Report “Dueling reports”? We’ve been hearing quite a … Continue reading

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Did Chuck really mean to say that?

Crossposted at Loudoun Progress This is an interesting one from Chuck Colson (of Prison Fellowship Ministries; read more about them here). In case you’re not aware, PFM operates a tax-free multi-million dollar headquarters located in Ashburn, and founder Chuck Colson … Continue reading

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The moral universe of Peter Pace

Update: The Washington Post says that someone of General Pace’s stature is obligated “to consider facts and evidence” when evaluating public policy, not his personal beliefs (and by the way, that experiment with recruiting felons like the guy who raped … Continue reading

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