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Bob Marshall embarrasses himself again

This morning’s Virginia Politics blog brings us tidings of great desperation. In the wake of the historic vote to repeal DADT, Delegate Bob “Virginia’s Chief Homophobe” Marshall claims to be drafting a bill for the 2011 session that would establish … Continue reading

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With friends like these…

The governor’s clarification amounted to “a public spanking of Cuccinelli,” a state political analyst who preferred to remain anonymous told Time magazine. “The back and forth came after more than 1,500 students and supporters rallied Wednesday at Virginia Commonwealth University … Continue reading

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Virginia: A very ‘special right’ to ignore the Fourteenth Amendment?

The Loudoun Times-Mirror has an article this morning linking the AG’s letter to university presidents to his anticipated opinion on the authority of our own board to update Loudoun’s Equal Employment Opportunity statement. Once again, it’s necessary to point out … Continue reading

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“Controversy” over county hiring policy based on merit takes turn for the pathetic

The grandstanding continues. In a completely unsurprising development, anti-gay ideologue Delegate Bob “Virginia’s Chief Homophobe” Marshall has requested an opinion from anti-gay ideologue AG Ken Cuccinelli on the Board of Supervisor’s amendment to our county Equal Employment Opportunity policy. Mr. … Continue reading

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Wasting time with Bob Marshall

I don’t know why he called me back. Either he had the time to waste, or he felt the need to waste my time, which could have been better spent in Bible study: So teach us to number our days, … Continue reading

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You lose, Mr. Marshall

The Virginia Supreme Court ruling on the Miller-Jenkins custody case was announced Friday morning. The unanimous decision upholds the right of Janet Jenkins to be part of her daughter’s life, as was originally determined by the Vermont court with jurisdiction … Continue reading

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VA lawmakers invited to “check a box”

Well-run businesses don’t discriminate against their employees on the basis of irrelevant characteristics. That’s why former Governor Mark Warner signed an executive order at the end of his term in 2005, prohibiting discrimination in state hiring on the basis of … Continue reading

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