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The kind of monster our AG would listen to

As noted in the previous post, George “Rentboy” Rekers provided his “expertise” in the Florida case that resulted in the overturning of that state’s odious anti-gay adoption law – the law that was the model for a bill in Virginia … Continue reading

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‘Milk’ will be seen

Now that the Oscar nominations have been announced, will we get to see Milk in one of our Loudoun County theaters? Best Picture, Milk (Dan Jinks, Bruce Cohen) Best Director, Gus Van Sant Best Actor, Sean Penn Best Supporting Actor, … Continue reading

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Protecting pedophiles

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that most of the children rescued two months ago from the fundamentalist Mormon Yearning for Zion ranch must be returned, saying that Child Protective Services failed to show that there is an “immediate danger” … Continue reading

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More silence and hypocrisy from the AGI

There’s still been nary a peep from the usual Anti-Gay Industry outlets about the recent public executions of gender variant youth. A local exception is a brief condemnation of violence from the Community Levee Association, which says “We condemn all … Continue reading

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Ignorance kills

So. It wasn’t newsworthy that a 15 year old boy who had been the target of relentless bullying and threats because he was “feminine” was publicly executed by a classmate – nor did the slaying of another “too feminine” teenager, … Continue reading

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What to do with bullies

Today at 6:30 pm, Kenton Ngo and Johnny Camacho will host a podcast with Kansas freakshow Shirley Phelps-Roper (yep, Westboro Baptist “Church,” God Hates America, the embarrassing step-children that even the hardcore Anti-Gay Industry holds at arm’s length). The call-in … Continue reading

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They can’t help themselves – HB 1727

Poor NARTH*. They try so earnestly to be taken seriously as a legitimate research institution, but can’t seem to stop demonstrating that they aren’t. In an illuminating article they published at the end of August, NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee member … Continue reading

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