Pat Nolan’s anti-gay disdain

Pat Nolan, Vice President of Loudoun-based Prison Fellowship Ministries explains why he opposes a prison LGBT liaison. Here is the news brief reported by the web site Crosswalk, emphasis mine.

Government Launches Prison LGBT Affirmative Action Plan

The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons announced this month a new plan to begin recruiting employees who will serve as lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) representatives for each prison facility, CBN News reports. The LGBT representatives will serve as members of each prison’s affirmative action committee, and will devote 20 percent of their workday to “coordinat[ing] activities and programs designed to cultivate LGBT cultural awareness both within and outside the institution.” Pat Nolan of Prison Fellowship Ministries said: “No sex is allowed in prison, so why on earth would the central office require that there be a person in every prison to promote the sexuality of one part of the population? It’s truly bizarre and it makes no sense at all from a management-of-the-prison perspective. It seems to us this is just a political move; it has nothing to do with running better prisons.”

Nolan isn’t that dumb. He knows that there should be zero-tolerance for prison rape and he knows that sexual minorities are preyed upon. But his job, or a major part of it, apparently, is to continue to spread anti-gay propaganda, at the expense of the GLBT prison population, which is why PFM does not qualify to receive a Loudoun tax exemption.

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One Response to Pat Nolan’s anti-gay disdain

  1. David says:

    What’s truly bizarre is Nolan’s statement. He seems to be deliberately conveying that he knows nothing at all about prisons, and he’s the vice-president of PFM? I agree, he can’t possibly be that stupid. The pretense that he is is very nearly a taunt.