Challenging the religious authorities

The outstanding letter below was published by the Loudoun Easterner this week. It was initially sent to “The Church of the Valley,” but there has been no response.

The author asks the very good question “Who would possibly want to become a Christian when Christians lie?”

And, it should be added, who authorized the liars, who systematically scapegoat the GLBT community for political advantage, to speak for Christians?

No one. They claim for themselves that authority, while many people who have been quietly trying to live out their understanding of the message of Jesus are slowly beginning to speak up.

Loudoun Easterner
July 3, 2007
By Susan Mink, Leesburg

“See Mom, this is why I don’t go to church.”

These are the words my 20-year-old son said to me as he placed your recent ad in front of me this morning at breakfast. It broke my heart. As a professional Christian educator with a seminary degree, with two children in their early twenties, I have been very sensitive as to the reasons that this demographic does not go to church. I have attended nationwide seminars on the subject. I have read many books. And the number one reason that keeps coming out? A perceived hypocrisy and misrepresentation of the truth by organized religion.


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