“Conflicting values”

I have no doubt whatsoever that there are some people sitting around somewhere trying to think of a way to attack School Board member John Stevens for this excellent post. Please, read it all, and let him know how much you appreciate an elected official who understands that his job is to represent everyone in the community he serves, and is unafraid to say so. Even more, he is unafraid to say that a paid advertisement that attacks GLBT families, or any other families, is a violation of community standards. This is the truth that our local editors need to understand.

[T]he editors and advertising managers of these newspapers, who I know are good people, showed a lapse in judging these ads to be acceptable to community standards. If the ad had said instead that the legislation would make it a crime to preach that your Muslim neighbors are terrorists or that interracial marriage is an abomination, I feel sure that the ads would have been rejected as beneath the dignity of our community.

Thank you, John.

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