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Pronunciation: rí:z’n Etymology: Middle English resoun, from Anglo-French raisun, from Latin ration-, ratio reason, computation, from reri to calculate, think; probably akin to Gothic rathjo account, explanation noun 2 a (1) : the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially … Continue reading

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Weakness on display

This is what it’s come to. Christians who insist on talking about “the full message of Jesus” instead of sticking to the message of Pat Robertson (or James Dobson, or Michael Farris, or some other anti-gay, anti-woman pretender of your … Continue reading

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No hate?

A response to this entry in our Hall of Shame: Editor, Leesburg Today: Melanie Gentile (No Hate, December 1) has written such an unintentionally hilarious letter that one has to feel sorry for her. After initially protesting that she doesn’t … Continue reading

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Activist judge put in his place

At least partially. It’s a start. Frederick County Circuit Court Judge John Prosser ruled in October 2004 that “the public policy of Virginia” required him to ignore the prior custody ruling of a Vermont court with respect to the parental … Continue reading

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It’s not hard

This is really very, very sad. What we see in this poignant video is Pastor Ted Haggard explaining how to have a happy, successful, faithful marriage. “It’s not hard,” he says. “It’s very easy.” Watch this, and ask yourself who … Continue reading

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Please, for the children

Won’t you join me in calling on our leaders to quickly pass the Defense of Britney’s Marriage Act? Every child needs, and deserves, a Mother AND a Father. As everyone knows, Mothers and Fathers without exception each bring a unique … Continue reading

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Open thread – election day stories

UPDATE: There’s quite a bit of huffing and puffing over at NoVA Townhall, as the use of children in the anti-family amendment campaign is subjected to critical scrutiny. This appears to have been quite widespread. I don’t at all think … Continue reading

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