Blogging for LGBT Families

Parenting blog Mombian is hosting a kind of LGBT family blog carnival tomorrow.

“Blogging for LGBT Families Day is a time for bloggers to write about LGBT family issues and collectively raise awareness of LGBT families, our diverse nature, and how current prejudices and laws negatively impact our lives and children.”

The in thing now seems to be attacking our families, what with this quote, and other scurrilous claims about how we supposedly don’t have families, we have “special interest groups,” or how we supposedly don’t really love our children, we’re just using them to gain sympathy, and other coordinated messaging from the anti-gay industry. Here’s an opportunity to talk back and tell the truth about our families. If any readers would like to guest blog, send it to

“Why June 1st? This date falls exactly between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As such, it honors mothers and fathers equally, but also conveys that not all families fit into the traditional structure of one mother and one father. June 1st is also the start of Gay Pride Month.”

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2 Responses to Blogging for LGBT Families

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  2. Randy Blue says:

    Yes thanks for your honesty. That is very refreshing on the net these days.