Need a Clear Mind

Loudoun Connection
June 23, 2005
By S. Ann Robinson, Ashburn

Paul Goze’s letter last week exposes the reality that he is so desperate to have his point of view prevail that he would resort to unfounded, dehumanizing insinuations in order to deter others from a rational dialogue regarding the rights and responsibilities of same gender couples.

Think! All the horrific and violent injustices of the world have started this way – with vile descriptions of “the other” that do not reflect the truth.

If we as a civilized community are to be proud of ourselves when the debate about gay rights is ended, we need to focus and frame the debate with some honest inquiry and a measure of respect.

Is civil marriage a civil right that should be allowed to all? Should responsible gay couples be allowed to adopt children? How do people obtain access to the ICU to care for a sick partner? What do we do about bullying in school?

These are some of the issues that will require a clear mind and an honest heart to resolve. Paul Goze would have you believe that it is dangerous for you to get to know a gay person. I suspect he is afraid that if you did, you would find the overwhelming majority to be very likable and of excellent character – the sort of people you would like to have for friends.

I wonder why Mr. Goze is so afraid of that discovery. Maybe it has something to do with starting the dreary hyperbolic mud-slinging for a fall political campaign. Wouldn’t it be a nice change if we could start a campaign season by debating the real issues that really affect us? We can dream.

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