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Lifestyle Christian c’est moi

It’s confirmed. You can be gay and Christian at the same time. From today’s Virginia Family Foundation email alert: “Isabella is the child of Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who left that lifestyle after becoming a Christian.” I was under … Continue reading

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Writing the Next Chapter

The wishful thinking from Victoria Cobb, Bob “Virginia’s chief homophobe” Marshall, et al, continues. One almost feels embarrassed for them. “This issue is dead in Virginia,” Cobb told the Richmond Post-Dispatch, speaking of civil unions. “People in Virginia stated very … Continue reading

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One more contradiction

When I saw how upset (are you people ever not angry about something?) the gay-bashing crowd was about this Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, I knew it had to be sensible: Virginia’s amendment ran weakest in the state’s most populous regions. The … Continue reading

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Anti-GSA bill defeated in Senate

The misguided bill intended to prohibit “any student club..that encourages or promotes sexual activity by unmarried minor students” was defeated 9-6 in Senate Education and Health yesterday. Of course the Some Families Foundation* is in a snit. This is causing … Continue reading

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