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Nice hyperbole, but hormone blocking therapy is temporary and reversible. Going through the wrong puberty is permanent and irreversible. American Thinker needs to check its moral compass regarding the torture of children.

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No protected classes?

For years the line has been ‘no protected classes,’ and the first thing they throw in — very secretly — was a very protected class, and limited them from repercussions of their own actions. No protected classes, indeed. It’s important … Continue reading

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Good and evil, PFM style

Here we go again, with the Chuck expressing shock, shock, that his “worldview” is perceived by the recipients of his tender loving counsel as hateful. How could anyone object to The Manhattan Declaration, he wonderingly asks, when it clearly includes … Continue reading

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All that matters

A reader writes to The Daily Dish on “who would get married for the tax benefits”: My boyfriend and I did exactly that last year. We’ve been together for 10 years, cohabitating for 6 and just bought a house. We … Continue reading

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Why we need PFLAG, continued

The Loudoun Out Loud event last weekend was a huge success; great turnout and enthusiasm that I think even exceeded expectations. Lori Stevens and the other organizers of this project have just done a fantastic job meeting this need. This … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast

Dont forget, tomorrow: Loudoun Out Loud kickoff, celebrating the new monthly Loudoun PFLAG support groups, Sunday January 23, 4-6 pm. The organizers want RSVPs; if you haven’t done so elsewhere, leave it in comments and I’ll forward it. I was … Continue reading

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On being fair and balanced

NOM’s Brian Brown is mad. Apple decided to remove an application described by Brown as an app that “would help Christians sign the Manhattan Declaration.” Censorship! Big Brother! OMG! What’s offensive is the action of Steve Jobs. Jobs allows applications … Continue reading

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