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Sky not falling; tape at 11

Ah, nostalgia. This post, from immediately after last year’s passage of the Virginia so-called “marriage amendment,” generated the following comment from occasional reader Sophrosyne (she of the relentless posting of gauzy heterosexual wedding photos): If the tide was turning your … Continue reading

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Loudoun “marriage amendment” chair indicted

Mark Tate, the Loudoun County Republican Committee campaign chair for last year’s so-called “marriage amendment” referendum has been indicted for campaign finance violations. See the Washington Post article. Tate is campaigning for the 27th VA Senate Republican nomination against Jill … Continue reading

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Thanks for everything

This is the best take on Falwell’s legacy I’ve seen yet. In his way, he helped create the conditions for our community to make the advances toward equality that are accelerating so rapidly today. The vicious things Falwell said about … Continue reading

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Writing the Next Chapter

The wishful thinking from Victoria Cobb, Bob “Virginia’s chief homophobe” Marshall, et al, continues. One almost feels embarrassed for them. “This issue is dead in Virginia,” Cobb told the Richmond Post-Dispatch, speaking of civil unions. “People in Virginia stated very … Continue reading

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Analogous to marriage, except for the benefits

Debra Stroud and Joseph Stroud were married. Then they weren’t anymore, and the contract they agreed to required Joseph to pay Debra $4,000 per month, with the payments to end in the event of Debra’s remarriage or “cohabitation with any … Continue reading

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Marshall/Newman, phone home

This is your bill. (Full text) Since the proponents of so-called “marriage amendments” insist that marriage exists solely for the purpose of procreation, and the Washington Supreme Court has cited a “legitimate state interest” in defining marriage exclusively for the … Continue reading

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Lobby Day roundup

First of all, you must read this editorial by Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Why defense of gays matters. On the off chance that we have readers who don’t yet understand that the grassroots movement for equality is not driven just by … Continue reading

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