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So the people voted

It feels weird to be standing in line with people who are going to vote up or down on my humanity, my civil rights. That’s the sentiment I heard from friends in Maryland and Maine, states where The People got … Continue reading

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This just in from Box Turtle Bulletin (where they read all the “urgent” appeals for money from Loudoun County Supervisor/hate group director Delgaudio so you don’t have to): I think it’s hilarious that he says that “supporters raised thousands of … Continue reading

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How far will the “Courthouse Gang” go to protect Delgaudio?

As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney Theo Stamos says she never received the records and documents provided by former Delgaudio county aide Donna Mateer that support her allegations of his misuse of office. Stamos received … Continue reading

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Documents? What documents?

A new Washington Post article about the Real Advocate PAC and its petition to obtain the documents provided to Scott York by a former aide to Eugene Delgaudio contains the following interesting passage: In an interview, [Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney … Continue reading

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Citizens take Delgaudio investigation into their own hands

We know that Donna Mateer, former aide to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, provided a package of documents to Board Chairman Scott York – at his request – information that supports her allegations of Mr. Delgaudio’s improper fundraising, misuse of office, and … Continue reading

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“Nellie” Delgaudio getting nervouser

We are not children anymore, and we refuse to be bullied. That was Brian Edwards speaking to the press a few months ago about the theft and defilement of his favorite engagement photo for use in an anti-gay political mailer. … Continue reading

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Family Research Council doesn’t want your sympathy

“We have been the victims of violence long enough to know that violence is not the way to resolve political disagreements.” – Washington Blade editorial Within hours of Wednesday’s reported shooting inside the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council, … Continue reading

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