Documents? What documents?

A new Washington Post article about the Real Advocate PAC and its petition to obtain the documents provided to Scott York by a former aide to Eugene Delgaudio contains the following interesting passage:

In an interview, [Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney Theo] Stamos said she was sent a copy of Mateer’s statement but did not receive any of the records or documents to which the statement referred. [emphasis mine]

If this is true, it would seem that either Mr. York did not in fact provide the aide’s evidence of wrongdoing to Loudoun County commonwealth’s attorney Jim Plowman, as stated, or Mr. Plowman did not in fact provide that material to Ms. Stamos, as stated.

Ms. Stamos’ recommendation to not pursue charges is not founded on fact, since she didn’t have them. Statements from those entrusted by the public to ensure an independent investigation are shown to be unreliable right out of the gate. Is it any wonder that we believe a citizens’ investigation is warranted?

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  1. Liz says:

    My gast is officially flabbered.