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Reactions to Jason Collins in the Patch

Dusty Smith of the Ashburn Patch has a nice article up about reaction to the coming out of Wizards center Jason Collins. He interviewed the co-founders of Equality Loudoun for a local perspective. Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has won … Continue reading

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‘I’m more than a pronoun’

Richmond Times-Dispatch June 5, 2005 By Robin Farmer Sexuality today: An occasional series on sexual attitudes among the young The day before her high school graduation, Laurie Petrone took clippers to the curtain of blond hair hanging halfway down her … Continue reading

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Divisive family values

Loudoun Times-Mirror May 3, 2005 By Susan Ernst I read with alarm and sadness Sabrina Audrey Jess’s story of her homosexual friend’s inability to talk with his parents because the priest at his church labeled his behavior as “evil” (“Teen … Continue reading

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‘Offsides’ author takes her work to church

Loudoun Times-Mirror April 26, 2005 By Shannon Sollinger Sabrina Audrey Jess is one of the few teenagers who can “Google” on her own name and find a pageful of references. Even she, author of the notorious “Offsides,” was surprised to … Continue reading

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