Doubling down on Special Rights

Is this what happens when a sick ideology passes into its embarrassing and marginalized stage? A triumvirate of comically artless Special Rights entitlement:

1) This one is from an Australian legislator, and speaks for itself:

Senate President John Hogg told the chamber he had a deep-seated belief that marriage was between a man and woman.

“To decry my views is to seek to discriminate against me,” he said.

2) Unlike Rob Tisinai, I found this one just too gloriously stupid to even be angry with. In this Very Earnest Essay about how gracious he is to allow us to exist, the author repeatedly “pauses to praise his own wondrous tolerance” while patiently explaining to us our “debt of reciprocity.” Must read to appreciate.

3) Finally, a Loudoun version, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request for Mr. Delgaudio’s email correspondance. There is much more serious stuff forthcoming from this remarkable trove of material, some of which was reported yesterday by the Washington Post; this one is just for the giggles. Although this gentleman no doubt deserves to be publicly embarrassed, that doesn’t mean his child does, hence I am obscuring his name at this time. The confused fellow sent the following to Mr. Delgaudio’s “personal” email address:

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