There’s a new blog in town

The collaborative blog Queer Patrick Henry College was launched earlier this month by several current and former Patrick Henry College students. They join a growing movement of LGBT students at Christian colleges who are unapologetically asserting their right to be embraced as God created them.

It’s a great blog – witty, honest, and full of insight – written by contributors who identify themselves from “gay conservative Christian” to “pansexual and genderqueer.” I was there throughout the April, 2007 Soulforce Equality Ride visit, and knew at the time that there must be students on the other side of the police line who wanted to join us, but were afraid. This development makes me very, very happy, and is also heartbreaking. The blog is only nine days old, but we already have much more than a glimpse into what these folks have gone through and will continue to go through – and their resilience.

The Mike Farris enterprise – of providing a rigorous, classical education to smart young people, while simultaneously preventing those critical thinking skills from meeting the real world – always seemed dubious to me, and this is just the latest manifestation of that contradiction. It’s an unstoppable force. Kate Kane, you rock.

I can only say to all of you: Welcome. Bravo. And Amen.

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8 Responses to There’s a new blog in town

  1. Kate Kane says:

    Thank you for featuring Queer Patrick Henry College! I blogged about what Equality Loudoun has meant to me:

  2. Captain Jack says:

    As one of the contributors at Queer PHC, I want to thank you for your kind and welcoming comments, David! We got to a point where we didn’t understand how someone hadn’t done this before and then realized it had been too long already. I just wrote about the SoulForce ride last night and it was very real to re-live the feelings of wondering if someone on the other side was wondering the same thing about our side. Now I know there was. 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    Welcome to the Loudoun blogosphere!!

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  5. Alan Scott says:

    Thanks for the mention David. We appreciate what you’ve done to support us online. I found your “You’re not alone, even at Patrick Henry College” post to be very encouraging. That’s what we really want to do with QPHC, let other LGBTQ students and alumni know that they aren’t alone.

  6. JCEquality says:

    I remember the SoulForce ride well. The riders stayed at my home and used it as a “homebase.” I took my then elementary age younger son out of school so he could see social justice and peaceful protest in action. I too wondered about the students on the other side of the police lines. As a gay parent in Purcellville I am so glad your voices are being heard now. Thank you for being brave!

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