Low expectations

Go figure – these 1999 remarks by Pat Robertson, of all people, demonstrate a more advanced understanding of gender science than that of some Democratic leaders in 2012:

Letter Writer:
I’m 40 years old and have had a sex change. I’ve been watching your program and was wondering if God forgave me. Should I live as I am now or go back to my birth gender?

Pat Robertson:
This is a very serious question and I appreciate it. There are people who are born with various types of hormonal activity in their bodies and they feel more male than female, and more female than male. I know a plastic surgeon here, in this area who indeed does that sort of thing and, ah, to accommodate what is going on in peoples lives.

Terry Meeuwsen:
This is a very legitimate hormonal thing happening.

Pat Robertson:
Exactly. So, it is not a sin. So you don’t need to feel guilty.

[He goes on to say…]

So you say, will God forgive me. Of course He will, He does. This isn’t something that you have sinned and if you wish to get back and your 40 years old, it’s not exctly too late. I know as I say, one man who can do a sex change reversal.

Terry Meeuwsen:
God is interested in what his heart, attitude is, speaking spiritually.

Pat Robertson:
God does not care what your external organs are. The question is whether you are living for God or not. Yes, He loves you. Yes, He forgives you and He understands what is going on in your body.

h/t Transgriot

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