Loudoun Progress

This is just a heads-up to let readers know of a new group blog in Loudoun for which I will be a contributor. Loudoun Progress is the joint project of four local bloggers: Paradox13 from Leesburg Tomorrow; Doorbellqueen from The True Adventures of the Doorbell Queen; Daverunner from In Through The Out Door; and myself, writing under the name Epluribusunum. I’m the only one of the four who has not previously blogged under a pseudonym, so I adopted that one to be consistent with the others in the group – but also because it reflects the kind of topics I expect to be writing about: Pluralism, religious freedom and civil rights. Some of what I write here, when appropriate, will be cross-posted there.

The purpose of Loudoun Progress is to provide a county-focused online community for Democrats and progressives; although the blog is not affiliated with the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, all four of us are members, and Loudoun Progress is an unabashedly partisan blog. The Equality Loudoun blog, of course, is driven by issues advocacy, and is expressly non-partisan. That will continue to be the case. Variability in sexual orientation and gender identity doesn’t follow party lines, and people of any or no party are potentially advocates for equality.

I’m happy to have three colleagues who know a lot about different aspects of politics and policy in Loudoun, and grateful to have this venue to write about some things that are less narrowly focused on GLBT issues. I invite readers here to come over and visit.

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