On words, redefinition of

From today’s Washington Post, regarding the marriage equality bill before the Maryland General Assembly:

The government gives special treatment to civil marriage because it shifts the burden of care from the government to the individual and the family. By giving families the tools to take care of themselves, the government efficiently reallocates its responsibility for citizen welfare and invests the married couple in a caretaking role that extends beyond their individual interest. This is the essence of good governance — providing people with tools to protect and improve the health of their own families. [Emphasis added]

I would love to hear a cohesive argument explaining how support for this deeply conservative value qualifies as a “far-Left” position (as I was recently accused of having by this guy, apparently yet another “Constitution Party” member). Someone needs to brush up on the meaning of “conservative,” methinks.

If you can make such an argument, let’s hear it.

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