Bloggers For Good Happy Hour

So, one of my Facebook friends, to great comic effect, thought that BFG Happy Hour meant something else. Here’s what it really is. Thursday night at O’Faolain’s – won’t you join us?

What is BFG?

Bloggers For Good (BFG) is a new, grass-roots group that sponsors local meetups for people to meet, greet, and give back to their communities. Meetups and other events provide a chance to gather in a fun, social setting with a common interest and a bigger purpose.

BFG meetups are designed to be low-key and fun. You don’t have to be a blogger yourself. Maybe you’re a fan of an attending blogger. Maybe you’re interested in starting a blog. Maybe you just like to hang out with interesting people.

BFG events benefit local charities through various means, such as canned food drives, donation of restaurant proceeds, and raffle sales. 100% of funds raised by BFG go directly to the involved charities. We’re being literal here – you couldn’t write a check to us if you tried!

BFG events are primarily publicized through “word of blog.” Supportive blogs post our logo graphic on their blogs, write about the event, and (hopefully!) attend the event. We aim to be viral in the best possible way!

The first BFG meetup event will take place on February 19 from 6-8 p.m. at O’Faolain’s Irish Restaurant in Sterling, VA. Proceeds will benefit Loudoun Interfaith Relief, the county’s largest food pantry.

With your help, we’ll be coming soon to a place near you!

To get our graphic, be listed as an attendee, get added to our email list or blogroll, or to get more info, contact

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