More vomitus from Mr. Delgaudio

Our own Loudoun County laughingstock Eugene Delgaudio has done it again:

“We do not know if this arson and attempted murder was perpetrated by advocates of homosexual marriage, but the church has been the target of verbal attacks by the homosexual lobby and their apologists in the major media and this attack follows countless other recent attacks by homosexuals against Christians,” said Delgaudio.

Really? Countless recent incidents of arson and attempted murder by “homosexuals”? It seems to me we would have heard something about this on the news. And if there is any evidence to indicate what motivated this arson at the Wasilla Bible Church – whether it was a disgruntled employee, a member with a grudge against the pastor, bored teenagers, or possibly a political statement related to Sarah Palin – that hasn’t appeared, either. Let alone anything remotely connected to the anti-gay theology of that particular church.

What elevates this typical Delgaudio vomit from the merely stupid to the unforgivably monstrous is Mr. Delgaudio’s behavior in 2006. In July of that year, there was an actual hate crime perpetrated against a gay couple in Loudoun County. In that attack, 170 trees and shrubs were ripped out or cut down. Gasoline was poured all over the yard, around the house and over the well. The epithet “FAG” was spray painted all over the property. Unlike in the attack on the Wasilla church, the motivation for this act of vandalism was unmistakable. It was anti-gay animus.

In response, Equality Loudoun along with many local faith communities and business leaders organized The Cypress Project to restore the homeowners’ property and bring healing to the community. The project was endorsed and supported by several local elected officials, and community organizations as diverse as the Community Levee Association, the NAACP, and the Progressive Action League.

While Mr. Delgaudio apparently has time to make baseless and defamatory accusations against the GLBT community in Alaska, he was completely silent on this vicious hate crime perpetrated on our community in his own backyard.

Seriously, does this man have any redeeming attributes? Anything? I hate to sound so harsh, but he really does seem to be a waste of skin.

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10 Responses to More vomitus from Mr. Delgaudio

  1. Doug in Mount Vernon says:

    Yes, Mr Delgaudio is aghast at the hoardes of homosexuals running rampant across America, daring to be angry because they are denied their basic natural civil rights, btw bestowed upon them by their creator. The creator who Mr Delgaudio so feverishly hopes to please, one can see. What a farce.

    That he was missing in action in 2006 should hardly be a surprise to anyone. Ever since Mr Delgaudio was elected in 1999, he was missing in action at nearly every turn in his own Sterling Park district. He only ever did what he felt he needed to do to appear engaged for political expediency.

    It’s always been transparent, and it’s always been clear that Mr Delgaudio’s real motivations and concerns have little to nothing to do with Sterling Park. But, apparently, many voters in Sterling Park like Mr Delgaudio’s brand of divide and conquer politics and are more rooted in baseless fears than actually doing something to improve their community, including electing someone who actually cares deeply and committedly about improving the community.

    We can expect continued antics like this from Mr Delgaudio until the people of Sterling Park who keep voting for him open their eyes to the willful abuse the community gets from electing such a miscreant clown as Eugene Delgaudio.

    After 9 years, what has Sterling Park gotten from Mr Delgaudio other than political division and theater? Can anyone actually name anything?

    Rest assured, if there’s a photo op to be had or a token showing when the community’s upset about something, Eugene will be there to showboat and divide the people along some socially hot-button line, but when it comes to actually working on what the Sterling Park community needs–reinvestment, attention to aging facilities, sidewalks, street lights, better services, and incentives for kids to stay away from crime, Eugene Delgaudio is just a big orange bag of hot air.

    It’s really sad, and as a former resident of Sterling Park who really cares about that community, I hope people wake up and vote for their own improvement next time.

    Sterling Park is needed in Loudoun County. It is needed because it is a solidly livable, prefectly located and yet affordable community, but its Supervisor and some of its voters don’t seem to see the needs of their community as more important than their need to fear and divide people using the latest hot-button social issues.

    The sooner the community elects someone who really cares about itself, the sooner Loudoun County will be rid of this unseemly character.

  2. James Young says:

    Uh, David, he didn’t say “Countless recent incidents of arson and attempted murder by homosexuals.” He said “verbal attacks” and “countless other recent attacks by homosexuals against Christians.”

    What is your objection? That Delgaudio is telling the truth? Or that he is drawing the same conclusions that your far-Left allies in the abortion lobby do between those who oppose abortion and those who bomb abortion clinics?

  3. David says:

    “Countless other attacks;” I believe the meaning is clear, James. I’m quite capable of distinguishing petty legalisms from the plain meaning of language, which in this instance is defamatory. Sort of like “you’ll see two men, hand in hand, skipping down to the adoption agency..” Etc. But you already know about that.

    I’m amused that you feel the urge to rush to Eugene’s defense. Gene and Jimmy – you boys better band together, it’s going to be awfully lonely down there with your peculiar notion of “truth.” Shoo, now. We have families to spend time with.

  4. David says:

    But let’s not forget that “liars” are not just those that tell blatant lies. Liars also weave a skillful net of word so at to leave the listener with an understanding that is not true.

    Note that James is attempting to apply the latter behavior of liars to the Delgaudio press release, an impotent defense of the indefensible that is comical in and of itself. He must think we’re having this conversation in a court of law. We’re not.

    I’m not quite sure that “skillful” applies in this instance, either. The quote is in reference to the most recently exposed lie of the Prop 8 campaign; see the post above.

  5. James Young says:

    Well, David, I’m not in the habit if defending Eugene (he does fine by himself, much to your chagrin), and I tend to believe that this probably was more likely the work of malicious teenagers. Nevertheless, Eugene engages in the same kind of analogies that pro-abortionists do, and you attack him. Have you ever attacked pro-abortionists for similar analysis?

    And I suppose I could respond to your reference to me with a belittling nickname by pointing out that those are bold words from a fairy, but why bother?

    Suffice it to say that it is also fairly bold to attack someone for his disciplined use of the language while demanding that the word “marriage” be redefined to mean something that it doesn’t mean, and that it never has.

    Do you have ANY awareness of your own internal contradictions?

  6. David says:

    ROFL…Oh my dear James, if you only knew how much this fairy could teach you about the true meaning of marriage. I’ll forgive the intended slur, since it pains you so to be called Jimmy. Btw, we tend to use the spelling ‘faerie.’

    I invite you to become familiar with the mission of our organization. Our members hold positions across the spectrum on the issue of abortion, and that isn’t really within our purview, as are many other political and social issues you won’t see posts about here. The fact that a hate crime was perpetrated on members of our community is within our purview, as is the fact that one of our local elected officials not only failed to condemn that hate crime, but actively and deliberately contributes to the commission of such crimes by bearing false witness against us.

    You and he celebrate GLBT people being harmed, and that is why I feel no obligation to treat you with respect. If you don’t like my speaking the truth, you can pound sand. Merry Christmas.

  7. David says:

    Thank you, Doug, for actually addressing the topic of this post (as opposed to inserting distractions – although I do thank James for helpfully underlining the exact nature of Delgaudio’s reeking lie in this instance).

    Do you really think that the main problem in Sterling is that people like the divisive antics, rather than just being unaware of them? How big do you think is the universe that receives the hate letter? It seems to me that a huge number of people just see the goofy clownish guy who hands out pizza coupons, and the campaign signs. They don’t necessarily know that he puts those signs in people’s yards without their consent, or that he has this whole other career bashing people. My sense is that the hate mail goes to a more carefully selected audience.

  8. Jack says:

    Countless = without count.

    Thus, zero is countless! 🙂

  9. David says:

    And indeed, “zero” would be the correct number. Thank you, Jack! Happy New Year to you and your family.

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