More “Constitution Party” fun

Incredibly, there’s more to report about the so-called “Constitution Party.” It seems that the nearly illiterate smearmonger Jerome Corsi (“It’s got nearly 700 footnotes in it. The book’s still very easy to read…A great number of the references and the footnotes are Internet websites, so you can look them up yourself.”) is actually a supporter of “Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party presidential nominee.”

This comes to us from “” (that’s an ‘Internet website’, so you can look it up yourself.) The Constitution Party is also trumpeting the news on its own website.

We were hopeful back in June, when John McCain had an (albeit “secret”) meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans, that we might see a presidential campaign season without the emotional “wedge issue” garbage, and without open bigots (not a term I use lightly) in the forefront. Now, not so much.

Whatever. Equality Loudoun enthusiastically encourages our members and supporters (as well as those who revile us and so entertainingly compare us to criminals) to ignore all that, and actively support the candidate you think best represents your values.

Here’s a quiz for the undecided: Does this makes sense to you? Because then-Judge Roberts “has publicly stated that his faith and religious beliefs do not play a role in judging,” and “that when it comes to judging, he looks to the law books but not to the Bible or any other religious source,” the “Constitution Party” opposed his nomination as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

For a good number of you claiming to be Republicans (that would include Dick Black, and Lynn Chapman, and Eugene Delgaudio, and Patricia Phillips, and let’s see…who else do we know who is more aligned with the ideas of the “Constitution Party”?) your guy would be Chuck Baldwin. I’m sure he would appreciate the support. You can contact your local party organization here.

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