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Now we’re on “The View”

Whoopi Goldberg thinks that our public school administrators need to spend some time watching Animal Planet. Joy Behar wants to know why anyone wouldn’t like this true story about creatures taking care of each other. Sherri Shepard displays an astonishing … Continue reading

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Roy and Silo on The Daily Show

Remember: Just because it happens in nature, does NOT make it natural.

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What was objectionable, again?

“Penguins – ya gotta love ’em.” Betsy Allen, who writes the Loudoun Clear blog for the Loudoun Times-Mirror, just posted this. Unlike some who have weighed in on And Tango Makes Three (you get clued in to this when a … Continue reading

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More student voices

This is timely – new student-produced theater from the company that created the play Normal last year (see schedule below). Normal…is an original theater production focused on teens and bullying. Two dozen teens in Loudoun County developed the play with … Continue reading

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One parent and an agenda

2 Guys and a Chick Set Off Loudoun Library Dispute, reads the Washington Post headline. At least now we have this admission, via LCPS officials: A children’s book about two male penguins that hatch and parent a chick was pulled … Continue reading

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Penguins and children

Potomac District School Board member John Stevens posted this last night: Put the Penguins Back Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the removal of a children’s book called And Tango Makes Three from the libraries of all … Continue reading

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First, they came for the penguins

Where’s Tango? asks Erica Garman on Living in LoCo. Answer: Behind the counter, being treated as if she’s a potential danger to children. Tango, if you have not been introduced, is a lovable little penguin chick who lends her name … Continue reading

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