Unreasonable request #8,734 denied

The complainers who object to other people’s children having access to a humane, factually accurate human sexuality curriculum have lost in court again.

On Tuesday, the Maryland Court of Appeals denied the stay sought by Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, PFOX, and Family Leader Network that would have blocked implementation of the new Montgomery County curriculum. The atrociously written legal petition filed by this tiresome threesome is discussed further in the comments section here. We’d still like to know how much of a hand Lynn Chapman had in this nonsense.

Tonight, Loudoun County residents can hear first hand from one of the people who helped get Montgomery’s excellent curriculum up and running, PFLAG-MD’s David Fishback. He will be on a panel discussion of sexuality education in Loudoun County Public Schools, along with LCPS specialists in the Family Life Education program, and Moira Gaul of Family Research Council (an arm of the anti-gay Focus on the Family franchise). The panel is presented by the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents.

“Everything your Child Knows, and You’re Afraid to Ask” – A look at LCPS Family Life Education (FLE)

LEAP will present a straightforward discussion about the development and use of our FLE (Family Life Education) curriculum. Our varied panel of speakers will present information and take questions regarding the current LCPS policies, recent controversies, and medical data related to sex-education in the schools today.

Wednesday, October 10
7:30 pm
LCPS Administration Bldg.
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, Virginia 20148
Click for a map

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