Another chance to see “Normal”

One of the best audience questions asked of the cast of “Normal” at one performance I attended: Do you think that there are adult bullies, too?

Oh, yes. Adult bullies are the reason school officials said that “school system policy barred them from publicizing a play — in fliers sent home with students or in posters on school bulletin boards, for example — unless they had seen a script or attended a rehearsal.”

Despite the efforts of bullies to hamstring our public schools, the play had such resonance with students and parents that this encore performance was requested.


“Normal” A new show about bullying that every teen and adult must see!

This April, the Creative Youth Theater Foundation in collaboration with the Loudoun Youth Initiative will present an encore presentation of this fresh, timely and poignant piece of theater. The production is entirely created and developed by 26 teenagers from all over Loudoun County. The cast ranges in age from 12-19 years old.

“Normal” dives into the inner and outer life of teenagers as they work through all the issues surrounding bullying: self esteem, making choices, being authentic, and being the person you want to be. Directed by Tom Sweitzer, Kim Tapper, and Rick Conway of the Creative Youth Theater Foundation, the show is geared towards teenagers ranging in age from 12-18, their parents and community members.

There will be a half hour question and answer session with the cast members following each production.

Performance schedule is as follows:

Thursday, April 26th at 7:30pm at the Highland School
Friday, April 27th at 7:30pm at the Hill School (Middleburg)
Saturday, April 28th at 1:00pm at GMU Prince William Campus (Verizon Auditorium)
Saturday, April 28th at 7:30pm at Mercer Middle School, Aldie, VA

Admission is free for all shows!
No reservations are needed!

For more information please contact Kim Tapper/Tom Sweitzer at 540-687-5897


Encore, Encore! Student Play Is a Hit Across the Board. (Washington Post)
Tully Satre’s article in the Notre Dame Academy paper

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  1. Tully says:

    New material has been added to the show as well.