Amendment is a tossup – get thee to a polling place

In a poll released today, Mason-Dixon is reporting a dead heat on Ballot Question #1. Support has for the first time dropped below 50%, which is very significant. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports “fading enthusiasm for a ban on same-sex marriage.”

Also a tossup: approval of a constitutional amendment restricting marriage to a man and a woman.

Support is down to 49 percent from 52 percent last month. With 45 percent now opposed, up from 42 percent last month, the measure – already adopted by 20 states – could go either way because the voter split is within the poll’s variable for error. Six percent are undecided.

The trend since July has been steadily toward NO, but is now accelerating.

Amendment proponents are scared. Focus on the Family’s James Dobson has sent out an emergency appeal to his anti-gay base, begging them to go to the polls and lamenting the “apathy” among the previously tractable so-called “values voters.” Poor Dr. Dobson just can’t understand it.

…I’m sorry to report that recent polling in the eight…[states with so-called marriage amendments on the ballot] indicates an alarming degree of apathy among voters on this issue. Perhaps it is the result of increased efforts on the part of liberal groups, which are funneling millions upon millions of dollars into their cause, to portray pro-traditional-marriage advocates as “extremists” while suggesting that gay couples who wish to marry are victims of intolerance. Or maybe the overwhelming success of marriage legislation in the 20 states [that have passed such amendments] has lulled conservative voters into a false sense of security.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that support for traditional marriage is seriously flagging in the eight states that will be voting on the issue next month…

Or maybe, people with “traditional” religious views have become wise to the fact that they are being used by a certain cynical wing of a major political party that then turns around and makes fun of them. Maybe voters are sick and tired of having “gay marriage” waved in their face as their commutes grow ever longer and their children attend class in trailers.

Or maybe, just maybe, people are basically good at heart and can see no compelling reason to prevent their neighbors from having a little bit of happiness and security.

To quote Dr. Dobson, “whatever the reason,” now we know unequivocally that we CAN win! Virginia CAN be the first state to defeat one of these despicable assaults on our families, and there is now no excuse (e.g., “it’s going to pass anyway, so what’s the use in volunteering my time?”) for not doing everything we can to make sure the outcome on Tuesday is NO.

This is not complicated. Every single vote counts, and your presence at a polling place will win votes. Call the Commonwealth Coalition at 804-643-2050, or for Northern Virginia 703-442-9590, and sign up to work a poll. Make sure you have asked everyone you know to vote NO, and follow up with them to make sure they do it. Phone banks are continuing through Monday night.

Only 48 hours to go – then what’s done is done. Please make it count.

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2 Responses to Amendment is a tossup – get thee to a polling place

  1. Jack says:

    So much for the polls.

  2. David says:

    “Likely voters,” Jack. Above the 50%, those who voted yes are people who don’t normally vote, those who are only motivated to vote by anti-gay animus. That’s a broad brush, but basically accurate.