Dear Jerry: Bite me.

I believe we’ve been pretty clear about Foley, et al.

This certifiable piece of work just threatened our community with extermination if we don’t return to the closet. At least that’s how I read it. What do you all think?

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4 Responses to Dear Jerry: Bite me.

  1. Jonathan says:

    It’s a cryptic post. I’ll try to interpret

    The Pogrom Begins

    Jerry’s faux distancing from the KKK has gone too long. Time to return to square.

    I haven’t heard much from the gay community about the Mark Foley matter of late

    Jerry’s wondering if he should turn on blog comments but decided to leave them off so that he can play victim. “Why won’t the homosexuals talk to me?”

    he was homosexual but conservative, which means he deserves whatever punishments and persecutions come his way.

    This is a “rather fascinating” admission. If you read the likes of James Young and Greg Latique, you’d think that all LGBT people were “far-left”. Now Foley is “homosexual but conservative”. This causes irreconcilable cognitive dissonance. Jerry has two choices, change his belief system or change material reality. He chooses the latter.

    But once the persecutions, let’s call them what they’ve become – a witch-hunt – begin, it’s hard to keep them under control.

    Jerry’s worried that high-level conservatives have blocked investigations because they were more concerned about political capital than they were about protecting pages. More dissonance. He’s getting a headache.

    Kolbe deserves to be sent to the gallows regardless of the outcome of that investigation.

    Proposed legal process for LGBT people. Tie weights to their ankles and throw them into the lake. If they float, burn them at the stake.

    If I were gay, I’d be kind of careful about that for which I cheer.

    Gay people should get married and make babies. Isn’t the Marshall/Newman amendment great!

  2. Jerry Fuhrman says:

    Wow. I didn’t know I could go here and find out what I’m really thinking. I take it as a compliment that you avoided any attempt at rebutting my comments. But I will admit your reading-between-the-lines stuff is pretty good.

    Just remember though who it is that is overjoyed that both gay men, Kolbe and Foley, are being persecuted. As usual, it’s your close friends in the Democratic Party. It certainly isn’t me. Think next time before you decide to let your hatred run wild..

  3. Er, David and Jonathan, I think you both might want to switch to decaf because I just read Jerry’s post twice through and I don’t get your reading of it at all. He seems to be saying the exact opposite of what you imply.

  4. Jonathan says:


    First of all, did you read David’s analysis of the Foley scandal. There really isn’t much more to say. That post “rebutts” your question about hearing “much from the gay community”. What you heard from us is that moral-values matter and that we are about all abuses in the page program. Nobody is “cheering” the personal woes of Mark Foley. We may be wondering how conservatives will wiggle out of their hypocrisy, but that is quite different, and it’s not hatred, it’s a reality-based quest for truth and justice.

    If I could find a legitimate argument in your post, I would have rebutted it. I couldn’t find one. Even in your comment, you speak about motives and associations – “close friends in the Democratic Party”, not arguments. For both you and Joe, if you can turn your post into a discernable argument, please do.