It’s alive..

Big changes at

Our new website is now live.

The biggest change is that our core function of providing news and information is now organized as a blog. All news items posted since our original launch in 2003 are archived here, and are searchable by keyword. The more recent posts are also open for comments (if you have a burning desire to comment on older posts, we will entertain requests).

We have retained the content from the old site, organized it better (we hope) and have added some new features. Time will tell if they are useful or not.

This is a community driven, grassroots organization, and our vision is for this site to reflect that. We encourage you to share your art, poetry, photos, articles, letters to the editor (even ones that aren’t published!), and use this site to network with people who share your interests beyond GLBTQ advocacy. We need a strong, healthy, connected community to continue the struggle for equality.

This is a work in progress, and a labor of love. If something doesn’t work right (and we know that there will be such things), please tell us. When there is new content or we get something working, there will be an update.

So, go tool around, and let us know what you think.

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