More right, wrong

Loudoun Times-Mirror
April 26, 2005
Editorial staff

The Virginia Supreme Court deserves commendation for ruling wisely that the commonwealth must issue a birth certificate that lists same sex adoptive parents that reside in other states.

The court really had no other ruling – even though our new Attorney General Judith Williams Jagdmann railed about the action.

She, of course, declared herself ready to run to the General Assembly to “correct” the statute that led to the ruling.

That’s little more than another waste of taxpayers’ money and legislators’ time on another futile bit of social engineering. Adopted children deserve to know who their parents are. To do otherwise is ludicrous. A child is a child is a child. Whether with a mommy and daddy, two mommies or two daddies, or one mommy or one daddy, the innocent child deserves to know his family.

Countless children are out there hoping and praying to be adopted. Let’s not make it any more difficult.

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