Faulty Logic

Leesburg Today
March 25, 2005

In his March 11 op-ed, Mr. Paul Goze wrote “Proper behavior is only reliably defined by the Judeo-Christian worldview.” He goes on to credit this worldview with the creation of freedom, equality, and the condemnation of stealing, lying, etc. This would be a much more convincing argument if it were true.

Unfortunately for Mr. Goze, much older belief systems such as Buddhism and many Celtic religions also include these ethics, which brings into question why, exactly, our nation should only look to the Bible for morality.

Mr. Goze then goes on to equate pedophilia with homosexuality. Again, this is faulty logic. Pedophiles are considered criminals because they victimize those who have no opportunity to consent or reject. Homosexuals, on the other hand, “victimize” . . other homosexuals. One assumes, under most circumstances, that both parties are fully aware of their sexual status, and do not need moral defense. Whom, then, is Mr. Goze trying to defend with his personal morality?

Lydia Barker

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