What agenda?

Loudoun Easterner
March 16, 2005

I have been a resident of Loudoun County for eight years and am a gay man. I keep hearing everywhere about the “gay agenda” and frankly, I’m a bit confused. My agenda includes getting up every morning, walking the dogs, sitting in traffic to get to and from work, driving several miles to run errands every day, maintaining a moderate social life, and getting safely back to my family every night. Am I missing something? Why is my agenda of such overwhelming interest to everybody in Loudoun County? Don’t they all do pretty much the same thing? And really, shouldn’t we all be much more interested in solving traffic problems, dealing with the rising number of Loudoun residents living under the poverty line, and raising the low educational level in the county rather than focus on the mundane routines I engage in daily?

If I’m wrong, and there really is something in the fabled “gay agenda” for me, please let me know and I will hurry down to wherever they are signing people up for the benefits.

B. Householder

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