Voters expected to be passionate about marriage

Groups such as Equality Virginia may organize meetings before the issue comes to a vote.

The Roanoke Times
February 20, 2005
By Cody Lowe

As the Virginia General Assembly takes the first steps toward amending the state constitution to ban gay marriages, the debate over that issue – which ultimately must be decided by voters – is already moving into a higher gear.

“It’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot of resistance to gay marriage in Virginia – and in the U.S. generally – and that people will work hard to make sure gay marriage is prohibited,” said the Rev. Deborah Hentz Hunley, rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Roanoke.

On the other hand, she said, “I’m also aware of the increasing numbers of loving and faithful gay couples – some of them in my parish – who are creating strong and supportive families based on pretty traditional values.”

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